Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Travel Tuesday - Maunabo, Puerto Rico

So they say time flies when you're having fun, right? That's also VERY true for being busy with work. One day I'm back from Spring Break and before I know it it's one day short of June! It's been part laziness and part tiredness that I've been disconnected from this blog, which I hate because I love genealogy so much. But enough excuses -- here's another Travel Tuesday post!

While in Puerto Rico another town I got to visit was the town of Maunabo on the southeastern coast of the island. My 2nd great grandfather's (Pedro Dávila Ruiz) family was from this town so I knew I had to stop when I visited Yabucoa. Even though my family is not from the barrio of Emajagua I decided to visit since it was right across the border near to where I was and I knew the Punta Tuna was there which had a nice view out to the ocean, thanks to my cousin who had recently visited! I didn't mind visiting because even though I wasn't visiting the actual barrio my family lived in, I was just happy stepping onto Maunabo land!

Maunabo, Puerto Rico [Google Images]

Maunabo, Puerto Rico barrios [Google Images]

The drive over from Yabucoa was fine but the weather seemed to get a bit worse as the clouds came in. Luckily the rain held while we toured the lighthouse and we caught it on the way back to San Juan. 

Maunabo, PR - looking toward Punta Tuna [Personal Photo] 

Maunabo, PR - looking toward Punta Tuna [Personal Photo]

The view towards the lighthouse and from it was amazing, just looking at into the water was so nice and hearing the waves and having the wind in my hair. The lighthouse surprisingly was free, you just had to sign up - so after my grandmother and I signed in we walked around quickly with the rain clouds on our tail. 

Maunabo, PR [Personal Photo]

Maunabo, PR [Personal Photo]

Punta Tuna - Maunabo, PR [Personal Photo]

Maunabo, PR [Personal Photo]

On the way back we drove through Yabucoa and stopped at a little kiosk to grab some food and luckily catch a view down the coast. Interestingly enough it hadn't rain up here even though it poured a few miles back -- one of the weird things about Puerto Rico I never seem to get used to! 

Stopping to catch a view! [Personal Photo]

Maunabo is definitely a town I want to visit again and actually go to the barrio my ancestors lived in. Our family had lived in this town dating back to the mid-1700s so we definitely have roots here! It seems like a nice quaint town and you can still see its agricultural roots are still fairly present throughout it. 

Down the coast [Personal Photo]

I'll end this post with a cool panoramic shoot I took of the beach off the coast of Punta Tuna! 

Maunabo, Puerto Rico [Personal Photo]

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