Saturday, August 20, 2011

Matching Faces to Names

I'm back home from Puerto Rico and want to start blogging about what I found, didn't find and hope to solve with the searching I did while I was there.

Every time I visit Puerto Rico, I search my grandmother's closet (with her permission of course) for the few remaining pictures that were my grandfather's. In the closet there was a album which contained photos of a lot of people I didn't know. Many of them were army friends he met while in army training in Fort Gordon in Georgia while others are pictures of cousins I've never met. I was lucky that many of the cousins in the photos my grandmother was able to identify since they lived near her when she was growing up.

Many of the cousins are cousins through my grandfather's mother Ernesta Miranda Rivera, who had a twin brother and I found two pictures of him! There is one sister of Ernesta's, Isabel Miranda Rivera, who I know have pictures of four of her children. 

Here are pictures I know could add to my tree and hopefully one day come in contact with their descendants.

Antonio Cardona Miranda, 1st cousin 2x removed

Carmen Cardona Miranda, 1st cousin 2x removed

Carmen and her husband Pedro

Jose Miguel Cardona Miranda, 1st cousin 2x removed

Felipe "Pipe" Cardona Miranda, 1st cousin 2x removed

Ernesto Miranda Rivera, great grandmother's twin brother

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