Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Importance of Other Branches- Part II

I will continue with the Antonetti family except going forward and how they helped me find my elusive great grandfather in the 1930 Census.

Francisco and Luisa never seemed to live together. Neither on the 1910, 1920 1930 Census did they live in the same household, though Francisco Antonetti does recognize in the 1910 Census that he was married. But they did have one child (don't know if there were more) that Luisa Correa lived with in 1920 in Catedral, San Juan, Puerto Rico. His name was Celedonio Sécola Correa and was born on January 20th, 1906 in Salinas, Puerto Rico. I don't know why but his father is written down with the Sécola rather than Antonetti, all the information matches on the document though. My guess is that either: 1) His father was from a family named Sécola or 2) His father decided to change his name himself. Either way this new name must have had some significance to the father or family.

In 1930, Celedonio was married to a Carmen Davila and had one daughter named Ana Maria Sécola Davila born around March 1930. What's interesting is that along with the family is living a Manuel Correa, the name of my great grandfather!!!! He is written down as primo which means cousin; I instantly jumped into my family tree to see if this made sense. Julio Correa Gustavo and Luisa Gustavo were brothers and sisters, Julio had Manuel and Luisa had Celedonio meaning that they ARE cousins!! He is written down as "Col" short for colored (which is correct) and is said to be 8 years old, making him born around 1922 (My great grandfather was born in 1920!) I think and strongly believe this is Manuel my great grandfather. This would also explain how he got from Salinas to San Juan, but I wonder what happened to his parents who I couldn't find in the 1930 Census anywhere!

Pictured below are the two streets Manuel Correa would have lived in in the 1930 Census and 1944 when his son was born. Calle Salvador Brau was where Manuel was written down to have lived with his cousin Celedonio Sécola while Calle Loiza was where Manuel Correa lived with Ernestina when my grandfather was born in 1944. The two streets aren't completely far away from each other and both are in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I hope he didn't have any other cousins named Manuel Correa!

Distance from Calle Salvador Brau and Calle Loiza in San Juan, PR
So this is why searching other lines is important, it can help you find information out about people you've been searching for and might have not had luck finding otherwise. So thanks to the Sécola/Antonetti family I found [and really hope it is him] my great grandfather on the 1930 Census in San Juan, Puerto Rico!

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