Monday, March 31, 2014

Time to Play Catch Up!

I have been away the last two weeks of this month on spring break and being in China and South Korea definitely did not allow me the time to write about my ancestors and work on my blog. So now I have some catching up to do! I have to post two new posts for the 52 Ancestor Challenge and write hopefully another about finding a new cousin! I also have some reaching out to do, messages to answer and some more (of course) genealogy work to do.

Until then here are some pictures you can enjoy from my 2 week trip to Asia!

上海,中国 (Shanghai, China)

昆明,中国 (Kunming, China)

北京,中国 (Beijing, China)

北京,中国 (Beijing, China)

서울,대한민국 (Seoul, South Korea)

부산,대한민국 ( Busan, South Korea)

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