Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A New Year- New Genealogical Resolutions

A New Year Is Here!!

As the new year rang in, I thought about all the things I want accomplished in my life throughout 2013. But I also thought about the genealogical resolutions I would make for this upcoming year. So I decided to come up with some resolutions and wishes (in no particular order) for my genealogical adventure this year! I came up with 13 resolutions +1 for good luck, just in case :)

Resolutions for 2013:
  • Discover more about Jean Charles Gustave (Juan Carlos Gustavo), like whether he was from Martinique or Guadeloupe, his parents' names, his background, etc. 
  • Extend my branches in Puerto Rico further back. 
  • Learn more about my ancestors from Martinique and their lives. 
  • Speak to more relatives and collect more stories about my ancestors. 
  • Discover more about myself and my family through DNA. 
  • Connect with more genetic cousins on 23andme and AncestryDNA.
  • Find out more about my 2nd great grandmother Amalia Rivera Rodríguez (Masantini). 
  • Find out more about José Avilés and whether his father really was Damià Magraner from Sóller, Mallorca. 
  • Look through more Puerto Ricans records at the LDS Family Center. 
  • Learn more about my Correa family and their J1/J1e paternal ancestry. 
  • Try and figure out my parents' family connection to one another. 
  • Find out more about Jewish genetic connections in my family. 
  • Read more about the history of Puerto Rico and Spain and their contributing cultures . 
  • Discover a new set of ancestors from outside of Puerto Rico. 

Hopefully these resolutions will inspire you to find something new, discover more about yourself or to dig deeper in your family tree and genealogy! There are still 363 days for you to get started :)

PS- Thank you to everyone that has viewed my blog, so far 3000+ views! Hopefully I've helped answer questions or spark interests in your own genealogy! Happy 2013!!

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