Sunday, April 1, 2012

1940 Census!! ONE MORE DAY!!

So I originally wanted to post about this census a long time ago, but with school I never have the time to do  it. Since there is only 1 day left before the 1940 Census is released, I think it's about time I dedicate a post to it!

Tomorrow at midnight the 1940 Census will be released to the public, finally, after 72 years! There has been a countdown clock on which finally has reached 1 day, and trust me, a lot of people (including myself) are super excited about this census record. 

One Day 'til 1940!!
This record will allow me to see my paternal great grandfather along with a good number of great grandparents who were alive during that time. Hopefully, the census will help me to figure out who was still alive around 1940 and who died between 1930 and 1940. Also to add some new recent branches to my tree. The 1940 Census is a really important document, especially I would say for Puerto Ricans since this is the fourth census record that we've been a part of since Puerto Rico became a US territory. Hopefully this will increase the general public's interest in genealogy and ancestry since they might have known people who were born or alive in 1940. And hopefully some new cousins will join the genealogy bandwagon!

Can't wait until tomorrow! I  just hope the website doesn't crash or slow down too much from the amount of people trying to log on and search for their families. Fingers crossed that the Puerto Rican towns will be put up just as fast as the American ones!

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